Pino Creek Ranch

All Natural Grass-Fed Beef

Born and Raised on the Range of the

Pino Creek Ranch in New Mexico




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Our Cattle

With the legendary quality standards of our Swiss heritage in mind, we built up a herd of first class cattle. Using registered Black Angus bulls on mainly Angus and Hereford crossed cows produced the mid size framed cow that have proven to work best for this environment.


Our animals have to be self reliant; we do not assist the cows at birth. It is their job to raise and protect the calf through weaning at the age of 7 months. The only time we physically get in touch with the calves is at branding time. That is also the only time the calves get a shot of vaccine against the eight main diseases. NO growth enhancers, hormones or other medication. No animal that ever gets sick ends up in our grass-fed beef supply.




Animal Welfare

Although we hardly interfere, we do check our cattle on a daily base. That ensures a calm environment where we can round up the herd by simply calling them. The calves are worked in a corral on foot to minimize time, stress and anxiety.

For us this humane treatment is not just a fad; it ensures more and better quality meat with improved tenderness as well as fewer injuries and health problems for livestock and people handling them.